System Integrators

Konka is proud to offer our LED and LCD digital signage both with and without our recommended signage software. That means that, if your organisation has preferred software applications, you will still be able to use our signage products without the need to purchase additional software. Our support and maintenance services will still apply, as will our content creation and management services.

Distributors and Re-Sellers

Konka loves working with distributors and re-sellers. We are at the top of our industry and hold over 200 patents on our LED modules and LCD digital signage products. Feel free to contact us with your enquiries so that we can discuss our products and services with you further. We would be happy to work out a way that our organisations can work together.

Project Planning and Assistance

We have an experienced, in-house digital signage project management team, and we offer a wide range of products and services to assist your business. However, it is not compulsory that you use all of our services if you choose to work with us. Konka is open to any type of project cooperation. We are happy to offer one or multiple products and services depending on the requirements of your particular project.

Software Development Companies

Konka is always open to working with software development companies on any type of project. We have the capability to manufacture digital signage to work with your own media player or appointed SOC. We can configure our products specifically to work with your unique software, giving your organisation the ability to have your own branded digital signage.