Embrace the digital transition now. Maximise your advertising capability and make your company future-proof.


Digital menu boards showing animated information could be the key to complementing your customers’ enjoyable experience.


Instead of replacing static signage with digital displays, a combination of both can be used to achieve enhanced results.

Bright & reliable digital signage displays

Bright & reliable digital signage displays


We provide businesses with professional digital displays for advertising or touch applications.
Our digital signage displays are of commercial quality; perfect for digital menu boards, touch kiosks or general digital advertising.

We will be implementing an online shop on this website soon. Until then, feel free to email and tell us about your requirements. We also do outdoor and custom solutions.



  • QSR & restaurants
  • Retail shop interiors
  • Real estate windows
  • Bars, nightclubs & clubs

Built to Last

Commercial displays are built to take a punch, and withstand extreme environmental conditions.

High Brightness

Our displays are much brighter than your conventional TV, perfect to use in bright or sunny conditions.

5 Year Warranty

We know our products last, so we offer a massive 5 year warranty on all of our products.

Signage Displays

How can a commercial display be a benefit for your business, and what is the difference between commercial vs consumer displays? Read more to find out...

Digital Kiosks

Touchscreen displays have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses. So, what does touch technology have to offer? Read more to find out...

Our Signage Solution

Our displays come with no embedded player or OS, which is a far better solution for digital signage systems. Some companies will swear by smart displays and tell you that they are easy and quick to setup. However, these solutions can cause real headaches further down the line. Following are some reasons why having no embedded media player or OS is a better signage solution for businesses. 

No Lock In

Many displays with embedded players use proprietary software, meaning you are locked in to using that companies software and services. Our displays allow you the freedom to choose and easily change the media player and software when required. 

Easy Upgrade

A good display will last you many years, however professional signage software and its requirements change rapidly. Having an embedded media player or OS often forces you to upgrade your entire display unnecessarily. With our screens, you can simply buy a new media-player or software, then plug and play, saving you time and money on purchasing a new display. 

Quick Swap Out

A display on its own is a solid and reliable piece of equipment. When a failure occurs, it is nearly always caused by the embedded computer or software. Having a screen failure can be a serious problem for businesses like restaurants, where the menu display can not afford to be down. The solution is to have a spare media-player, so that if failure occurs, you can easily swap out the defective player with the spare one, ensuring 100% up-time.

Product Features

Digital Signage

Quick, easy setup & portability.
Designed for both landscape or portrait use
High brightness
Toughened anti-shatter glass


Interactive Kiosks

The same benefits as Digital Signage
Capacitive touch technology
10 point touch sensing display
Sensitive touch

Custom Designs

Custom designs are available, minimum orders apply.

Our goal is to help other businesses boost their operating efficiency and achieve an increase in sales.